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    Lynne B

    G’day Kristen and Rachel!

    I am so glad I finally decided to delve further into what Clarity on Fire is all about. I am so stuck on which way to head in regards to my career and it’s starting to really get me down. I’m early 40’s, in between jobs and desperate to finally find the perfect career path for me. I’m so over this floating around and discontentment.
    I was compelled to click on one of your emails the other day and take the ‘quiz’! I am a Thriver (with a dash of Tribe Member). I then realised that I had actually taken the quiz 6 months prior and result was ‘Side Hustler’, but on reading the profile on this again and progressing through the PPSC, only some of the Side Hustler values resonated with me. Whereas, the Thriver profile seemed to be written just for me! I’m nearing the end of the course and enjoying the journey.
    Thank you.

    Kristen W

    Hi Lynne,

    It’s totally understandable that you’re frustrated by feeling stuck in your career, and it’s causing you to feel discontent and a bit lost. The great news is that you’re clearly willing to do something about it — that’s why you’re here! Signing up for a program like this that’s meant to help you get clear on your career direction is one major step toward feeling more empowered and purposeful, so congrats on taking the leap. 🙂 The further you get in the program, the more direction, self-awareness, and clarity you’ll get.

    It’s totally normal that 6 months ago you got a different Passion Profile result when you took the quiz, but that you feel much more strongly about the result you got recently. I’ve found that, the more self-aware you become, the more accurate these kinds of quizzes/assessments become, so I’d say the Passion Profiles that resonates with you now are more true for you than what you believed before.

    Thanks for introducing yourself, and keep us updated on your progress!

    Jordy D

    Hi! My name is Jordy from Belgium, I am 22 years old, just graduated a year ago, and I am a side hustler (and also a part of Firestarter). I discoverd PPSC yesterday (wich I am really happy that I did) because I was thinking all the time about passion, life and work and I felt that things needed to be different but I couldn’t change that because I didn’t knew MYSELF!

    I never understood myself, because I worked 6 months as a security guard and then right after that 8 months as a supervisor in a clothing store, wich was both good paid. A lot of people were telling me, that I should stay because of a good pay check at the end of the month. But for me, that was not the reason why I should keep working there, when my intuition is telling me something else.

    After the course, I understood that I am indeed a person, who values a lot about passion, freedom, novelty, independence and most important variaty! On this moment, I am not working right now, because most job offers that I get, would give me the same feeling as my previous jobs and that’s what I want to eliminate.
    I do play poker for few years as a passion because that gives me a lot of the values that I am looking for and I want to make it a great profitable passion. ( I just love playing poker and it’s done before by other people so that motivates me.)
    I do have other ideas to work out but ofcourse, doubts come to my mind like: do I have enough experience for that or will that idea actually work?

    Question: is it normal as a side hustler to feel like a lot of jobs won’t satisfy me? Because in the beginning of a job, everything is new, you feel the variaty and novelty but after months of doing it, the learning stops because you know how everything works and then it gets easily bored!

    Thank you for your time!
    This will be one big journey and I feel, that I am ready for it!

    Kind regards


    Kristen W

    Hi Jordy! I love hearing how much you’ve learned about yourself through this course! You’re clearly a self-motivated person who loves to learn, feel challenged, and try new things. That’s awesome, and it makes sense that you’re primarily a Side Hustler (with some Firestarter mixed in).

    Isn’t it such a relief to realize that there’s nothing wrong with you for getting bored by certain jobs after just a few months … you’re just a Side Hustler who really values variety! Nothing at all wrong with that — so many people can relate. I’m glad you haven’t been trying to force yourself to keeping working at places that don’t motivate or challenge you because that will just lead to burnout. Instead, you’re following your intuition and giving yourself permission to follow your Side Hustler nature. That’s awesome.

    To answer your question: Yes, it’s definitely normal for you, as a Side Hustler, to feel like a lot of traditional jobs won’t satisfy you. You’re always going to feel the MOST novelty at the beginning of any job, because everything is brand new and you’re learning it for the first time. But that doesn’t mean all jobs will become boring once the novelty wears off. The key is to look for jobs where each day doesn’t look the same, and where learning and personal growth are built-in to the job. First, ask yourself what variety/novelty means to you. Does it mean learning something new all the time? Or meeting new people regularly? Or being in a different physical environment? Or solving new/different problems all the time? Or does it mean something else? Then you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.

    Hope that helps! I’m so happy that this course has been so helpful to you already. You’re right — you’re SO ready for the journey ahead. 🙂

    Dan B

    Hey Kristen & Rachel,

    I’m Dan from New York City & just finished watching the live hangout ‘Why “doing what you love” doesn’t work, and what to do instead’.

    I’m 32 and work at a startup as a “UI/UX Designer”. Design has always been a part of me (would doodle all the time as a kid in class). But lately I rarely get to design what I want and it’s not always fun anymore.

    and having been getting in one of my work funks. I tend to have these at every job, losing interest in the work, no drive, not focused at the tasks at hand, finding the annoyances of coworkers. A friend of mine just left her work in the digital corporate world to move to Maine and become an assistant to an established pottery maker. That’s what she loves to do so she left the city and that life to go do this one. After hearing about that, my funk got deeper haha. I think I keep doing design because it’s what I know.

    I signed up for the PPSC and hoping to get insights on what I actually do enjoy which I could turn into a career.

    I appreciate the help!


    Kristen W

    Hi Dan! I’m glad you watched and enjoyed our live hangout earlier today. I absolutely understand your frustration of loving something (in your case, design), and yet having the fun drained out of it because of you don’t enjoy the kind of design you’re doing and the working environment. (As you heard in the live hangout, I went through the same thing myself with writing!)

    I think it’s awesome that your friend made the unconventional decision to leave her stable job and pursue something that most people would think is illogical, but that she absolutely loves! The fact that you fell into a deeper funk after hearing her story means that, on some level, you want the same thing. I have a feeling that, once you’re more clear about your Passion Profile and HOW you should ideally be working based on your values, it’ll be much easier to find a way of choosing how you want to continue in the world of design (or possibly in another field altogether!).

    Thanks for joining us for the PPSC, and I hope you come back to share your insights and/or ask any questions along the way!

    Kimberly H

    Hi, my name is Kim. I am a “seasoned” worker and have been on my chosen career path for many years, but am not satisfied and often wonder how I even got here. I signed up for the short course to help me figure out what I am passionate about and how to pursue it. I am a thriver, which came as no surprise. I have reframed by belief that I cannot do anything differently than what I have because I do have education, training, and experience that should prepare me for a variety of roles. I am just getting started and looking forward to it.

    Kristen W

    Hi Kim, so glad you’re here! It’s SO normal to look around at your career (or even life in general!) and think, “How did I even get here??” That’s far more common than you might think! The difference between you and most people is that you’re willing to question your circumstances and wonder, “What changes could I make to feel happier and more fulfilled?” instead of resigning yourself to accept what is. That automatically makes you far more empowered and primed for success than the majority of the population! 🙂 I love that you’re already started to reframe the beliefs that have been limiting you, and you’re opening up to new possibilities. You’re well on your way already, and hopefully the Short Course will help clarify the next step in your journey!

    Cherise K

    My name is Cherise and I am 24. I have been reading your blogs for a few months and finally made the decision that it is time for me to get further understanding about myself. The PPSC is one of the best things I have ever done in my life!

    Discovering that I am a Thriver has given me so much relief. I swore something was wrong with me that I couldn’t name a single passion of mines. I also felt extremely guilty and lazy that I truly never want to work weekends or never work more than 30 hours a week.

    I also resonated with reacting to life vs. being proactive. My whole life, I was athletic and exceled in sports so…I went to college for Exercise Science because I was always good at sports. I have been frustrated because I can’t think of anything in the field that I am attracted to, thus, after two and a half years after graduating, I of course, haven’t taken any action to begin a career in the field. Instead, working a data entry job, behind a desk all day as a tax processor (grrr…) that I had gotten through a temp agency.

    I was scared to even have the thought that I possibly won’t end up in a career I went to school for…but, now I give myself permission to not live by the way things are! I feel more at ease in searching for a career switch, or a different direction in the sports world. I’d much rather be happy in a career that comes easy to me, and allows me more personal time to enjoy my hobbies.

    The workbook is amazing by the way!

    Cherise K.

    Kristen W

    Hi Cherise! So happy you chose to sign up for this course after following us for a little while. Hearing that the PPSC is one of the best things you’ve done for yourself is a huge compliment! So thank you for that. 🙂

    It’s really normal for Thrivers to judge themselves for not feeling the same kind/level of passion for their work that they see in other people. I’ve heard SO many Thrivers say they feel guilty for being “lazy” or “unmotivated,” when those things aren’t true AT ALL! It’s just that their passions and motivations come through in different ways, and not necessarily in the way they make money. A job serves a different purpose for Thrivers than it does for some of the other Passion Profiles, and that’s perfectly OK!

    Giving yourself permission to do things the way you want to do things and pursue the kind of career that feels good to you — even if it’s not “logical” and it doesn’t make sense to other people — takes a lot of courage, but it’s also a HUGE relief. I’m really glad you’re finally giving yourself that permission!

    Thank you so much for being in this program and for sharing your experience. I know for sure that other people will resonate with your story, and you might inspire others to give themselves permission to work the way they want to work, too. And I’m glad you love the workbook so much! 🙂

    Stephanie L

    Hi my name is Stephanie and my passion profile is Side Hustler. I have always bounced from job to job, never being satisfied in anything I choose. Right now, I am in the midst of leaving yet another job and I feel more confused than ever on what I am going to do next. I don’t want to jump from one wrong thing into another wrong thing. I am hoping this course can give me some direction.

    Kristen W

    Hi Stephanie! It makes perfect sense that you’re feeling confused and frustrated that none of the jobs you’ve had so far feel “right,” you you wind up bouncing from one place to the next. I’ve heard that from a LOT of people (especially Side Hustlers!), so you’re definitely not alone in feeling that confusion and overwhelm. I hope and believe this course will help you get clearer about how to identify & find a job (or jobs) that you’ll be excited to stay with longer-term! Glad you decided to join us! 🙂

    Jeanie T

    Hi All!

    I am Jeanie. I started this journey because I am BORED at my job and have been for years, except that I find ways to make myself less bored and benefit my company. I have realized it’s time to make changes to find my passion! Making myself entertained for a while is not good enough anymore. I took the quiz and I am a Fire Starter, I also have some tribe member tendencies as well for sure. I have almost completed the Passion Profile Short course and it has been very helpful in that it clarified for me that this way I am working and what I am doing is not where I want to stay and further that I need to work on my courage to start figuring out what I want to do what makes me happy and move towards working and living my passion. I know what I find my work to be may change but my passion profile will, most likely, not change. I have realized that I really struggle to understand my actual needs and wants because I am so wrapped up in others’ expectations and what I “should” do or be or like etc. UGH.

    So I love you girls! You are the only peeps in personal development that I have really felt a connection to because you and your work is very authentic and deep. Thank you!!

    Kristen W

    Hey Jeanie! I love that you’ve been trying to entertain and occupy yourself at this current job (the Firestarter in you can’t be totally held back!), but you’re right, that’s not a sustainable long-term solution for the fact that you’re so incredibly BORED. You’re also right that it’s pretty unlikely that your Passion Profile will change (although this does occasionally happen when a major life event rearranges your priorities, but you’ll likely always have some Firestarter/Tribe Member energy). And that means, if you haven’t been able to make yourself happy at this job after years of trying, it’s probably just not a good fit for your Passion Profile. I’m excited that you’re opening up to new possibilities that might better align with your values, although I know it’s scary to contemplate other options, especially if those options don’t line up with what other people believe you “should” be doing. It’s going to take some serious courage to forge your own new path, but it’s going to feel WAY better on the other side. You’ve clearly made a ton of progress in that direction already, which is awesome!

    Also, thank you for such an amazing compliment! Authenticity and depth are incredibly important to Rachel and me, and we try to infuse everything we do with those qualities. It means the world to hear that we’re succeeding in that! 🙂 So happy you joined us here for the Short Course.

    Kat A

    Hi everyone!

    Kat here. 🙂

    My Passion Profile is Thriver. I got this result last year which was one of the reasons I took the PPVE late last year too. I took the quiz again a few days ago before starting the PPSC and still got the same result. I am also trying to determine if I have a secondary profile…

    I am taking the PPSC now for the following reasons:

    1. To refocus and get back on track on how I am supposed to be living my life as “me” professionally (primarily) in preparation for the New Year;
    2. To have a better idea of how I want to work having had a year of new experiences since I took the PPVE;
    3. To have closure on whether to go back to the corporate world or not;
    4. To have a better idea of and embrace what I am passionate about;
    5. To avoid the reactive pattern of just applying for and getting any job just because it pays well.

    Excited to have clearer self-knowledge and next steps. 🙂

    Thanks and its great to be back!:)

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