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    Clarity on Fire

    We want to get to know you! Share a bit about yourself: What’s your Passion Profile? Why did you sign up for the PPSC? Where are you from? What are you most hoping to get our of this course?

    Jason S

    Hi everyone! I am excited to be here and hopeful that this will be the start of something awesome. My Passion Profile is Firestarter. I grew up on the East Coast but have lived in Ohio for 5 years now. I signed up because I am trying to discover and work around something I am passionate about. Throughout my life I have just worked at jobs only because I am good at it and I am over it. Hope to connect with some people on here.


    Kristen W

    So glad you’re here, Jason! I can definitely relate to working at previous jobs just because you were good at them, but not feeling fulfilled at ALL … and wanting, more than anything, to create something of your own. I hope you’ll keep sharing your experience as you work through the Short Course!

    Erica C

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Erica, i’m 25, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I signed up for PPSC because I was impressed by my quiz result. I am a thriver and have been able to understand my stengths, values, beliefs and deal breakers. Growing up my parents were both firestarters. During and after college i spent so much time searching for a passion and wondered why I couldn’t stick with one thing. I also struggled with the guilt of feeling “lazy” because I didn’t want to work more than 30 hours. Coming from an upbringing that involved my parents constantly working- even when they got home FROM work, I questioned why their work ethic was not instilled in me. However, after PPSC, I was able to realize it’s not that I’m lazy or have a bad work ethic- I just have different VALUES!

    Kristen W

    Erica — I’m so incredibly happy that you’re now giving yourself permission to want what you want, even if your parents (and plenty of other people) may never “get it.” (BTW, I totally agree with you that having plenty of time outside of work is crucial for me to live a quality life! You’re definitely not alone in that belief.) Isn’t it such a relief to realize that there’s nothing wrong with you OR with them? It’s just a difference in values, nothing more! And once you deeply understand your own values, it’s SO much easier to take action that aligns with them. I’m really glad you joined us for the PPSC!

    Rosalind S

    Hi! I’m Rosalind. I just signed up for the short course after reading every Clarity on Fire blog post (while bored at my unfulfilling 9-5 job) over the past week and taking the Passion Profile Quiz. While reading it, I felt like so many things applied to me, and it has really already started to change my beliefs about what’s possible/acceptable. I’m turning 30 in about a month, and something about that age landmark has made me really pause to consider whether I am living the life I truly want to live. Can’t wait to use the Short Course to explore more and get started on the right path for me!

    Kristen W

    Hi Rosalind — I’m so happy you joined us for the Short Course! It’s awesome (and super impressive!) that you read back through all of our old blog posts. If our blogs already started shifting your beliefs about what you really want and what’s possible for you, then I’m REALLY excited to see how much you get out of the Short Course, because it’s going to take everything you’ve been reading to the next level.

    Definitely keep us updated on your “ah-ha” moments and insights as you’re going through this course!

    Kellie F

    Hi! I’m Kellie, a 27-year-old Side Hustler with some definite Firestarter values around time and passion. I had a bit of a hard time narrowing in on my passion profile because I’m NOT an extrovert nor an energizer bunny. My multiple passions are mostly solitary and reserved. However, I 100% resonate with not wanting to choose just one thing, and I’ve been that way my whole life. For example, I completed two majors and a separate minor in college. What the heck! I’ve always called myself a Jill of All Trades 🙂 I’ve also struggled deeply with burnout and overwhelm. I’ve just completed my first year in a helping profession, which has been a terrible fit for me. However, this course has confirmed what I was already thinking: I could get some stability and fulfillment out of it doing it part time.

    My passion projects are multiple forms of artistic self-expression–and I’ve been paid for pretty much all of them on the side in the past year! I’ve thought about starting a creative business, but it would definitely have to include multiple things. I can’t possibly choose just one! I desire to be paid for my passion, but I don’t mind having a little stability in there somewhere so that I can dabble and focus on quality in my artistic expression.

    I had been thinking about signing up for this course for months, knowing I needed to make a change. I wanted to gain insight into myself and formulate a solid plan for my next steps. So far, so good! The workbook is genius. I love the emphasis on reframing and taking action.

    Kristen W

    Kellie — I’m so happy you decided to join us for the PPSC after considering it for the past few months! And you seem to have perfectly honed in on your particular Passion Profile combo, which is awesome.

    Being both a Side Hustler AND an introvert is absolutely a valid (and more common than you probably think!) combination, but it’s going to require you to get even more in-tune with your natural energy rhythms and your threshold for overwhelm/burnout. I would encourage you to get extremely sensitive to how much activity/focus/action you can exert in a given day, or how many projects you can juggle at once, before it tips the balance into overwhelm. I’m certain you have a “sweet spot” of how much multi-focused, energizing, Side-Hustler activity you can embody before your introverted desires kick in and ask you to slowwwww it down. (As a fellow introvert, I totally understand the challenge of this balancing act!)

    I also want to seriously congratulate you for making money through all of your side creative/artistic passions over this past year — that’s incredible! And it’s got to feel validating that your creativity is not just a fun, fulfilling outlet … it’s profitable! Seems like you’ve already gained so much clarity about how to combine your many passions and interests in a way that feels good to you and ensures you won’t get bored/frustrated by doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and the insight you’ve gained so far from the PPSC! I hope you’ll keep us updated about how things are going for you. 🙂

    Lindsey F

    Hey! My name is Lindsey. I’m so excited about Clarity of Fire course! I can’t remember how or where I came across Clarity on Fire– maybe an add on Facebook? It was a while ago. Regardless, I took the quiz, and the results were unlike any other personality/strengths/professional/career quiz I’ve ever taken. I almost couldn’t believe how accurately Thriver described me. I took the quiz a while ago, but just today decided to start the course. I can’t wait to learn more. I cannot wait!

    Kristen W

    Hi Lindsey! Thanks for joining us in the PPSC! It’s awesome to hear that the Passion Profile Quiz is unlike any other similar quiz/test you’ve taken before. So many people have told us what a RELIEF it feels like to finally understand their Passion Profile and give themselves permission to work in the way that’s best for them, and it sounds like that’s been true for you, too. Let us know how the course is going for you as you work through each video! 🙂

    Shannon H

    Hi! I’m Shannon and I am currently working through the videos in your short course. I’m really enjoying what I’m learning. I stumbled upon Clarity on Fire a few months ago when I was having some doubts about my career and just life choices I’ve made in general. I took the quiz and got the result of Thriver. I couldn’t agree more with the description. It describes me very well. So now, fast forward a few months later, I got a new job (I’m a graphic designer at a sign company) and I’m still not happy at work. I don’t feel like I work for a supportive manager and there is a huge lack of communication in my workplace. It’s really hard for me to go in to work every day. I have had lots of jobs in my search for the right fit and have felt very discouraged. And, I didn’t forget about the Clarity on Fire quiz I took a few months back, and decided to check out your course. So, now, here I am, trying to find some advice on how to go about finding the right fit for me, as a Thriver. Going through the videos so far has given me hope that maybe I won’t be miserable at work when I learn enough about myself to find the right fit.

    Kristen W

    Hi Shannon! Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing a little about your work situation. Although it’s really frustrating, it’s also completely normal to feel like you’re moving from job to job, trying to find a place where you fit and you’re happy, but someone each place feels like it’s falling short. I hear that same sentiment from a lot of people, actually! And it’s not because there aren’t great jobs and awesome work environments out there … it’s just because most people haven’t learned how to search and apply to jobs based on their deeper, underlying values (it’s definitely not something you’re taught in high school or college!). That’s actually a huge part of why we created the PPSC — to help people get more clear on their Passion Profile (as in, HOW they want their work and their passion to overlap), their values, and what they’re most looking for in a work environment. So hopefully, with everything you’re learning about yourself here in the PPSC, you’ll know how to go about finding a working environment that suits your Thriver values! Thanks again for stopping in to say “hi,” and let us know how the rest of the PPSC goes for you!

    Paul S

    Hi Kristen & Rachel,
    I am Paul and live in Nottingham, England (Robin Hood’s county!). I can’t remember how I discovered your PPSC course (I remember I got to it via the “passion quiz”) but I am glad I did. You are the first people I’ve known who have articulated that your passion isn’t a “job” such as photographer or doctor, it’s a set of your values. That insight makes you guys stand out as different to other “help” sites (in a good way!).

    I was hesitant prior to signing up and paying my money – would the content live up to the promise? But as soon as I started the course I was glad that I did (and I’ve now finished it). You are both inspiring and I want to carry your enthusiasm and recommendations into finding a career that matches my passions, even at my 53 years old! And yes, quality over quantity in my job hunt! I am considering whether to do your advanced course…..I want to but I am also watching my money at present in case I do have to quit my job (I know your advice, but sometimes you just have to for personal reasons, after you’ve been hanging in there for too long.).

    So I’ll pop back from time to time. I’ve printed off my course book and will carry it with me so I can remind myself of who I am and what I value and what sucks for me (A Thriver, with some side-hustler too).

    By the way – I tried to sign into the WordPress place to upload a photo…but it didn’t recognise my username (email) and password from this site so I am not sure now how to upload a photo. Any ideas?

    Kind Regards


    Kristen W

    Hi Paul,

    I loved reading your introduction! It means a lot to hear from you that Rachel and I stand out when it comes to how we talk about finding your passion. So thank you for that wonderful feedback. 🙂

    I’m really happy that you got so much out of the PPSC, and I think it’s so cool that you decided to print your workbook and keep it handy to remind yourself of who you are and what you value — what a great idea! I can tell that you’re totally on-board with a lot of the concepts from the PPSC, and you’ve got the right mindset to find a job that will better match up with your Thriver (and part Side Hustler) values.

    As far as making your picture show up, I’m not sure why WordPress wouldn’t let you sign in — I’ve never seen that happen before. I’ll try to look into it to see what might have happened.

    Thanks for such a great intro! Come back and let us know how things are going for you in the coming weeks.

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