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    Kristen W

    Hi Maya!

    I’m so happy you decided to join us for the PPSC! And it’s always awesome to hear from long-time blog readers. šŸ™‚

    As I was reading through your question about Secondary Profiles, I felt like you might have answered your own question when you said: “Iā€™m wondering if Iā€™m a true Thriver or if Iā€™m just retaliating because commuting in LA sucks and I wished I could come in the office later in the morning.”

    It sounds to me like your attraction to the Thriver profile is coming more from a place of exhaustion and near-burnout with your commute vs. genuine resonance. I’ve occasionally seen people get a “false positive” Thriver result when they’re burnt out with working (or some aspect of their work), not because it’s really who they are at their core but because they just need a freaking break. My gut tells me that might be what’s going on for you here, too.

    Also, keep in mind that the Thriver profile also has some overlap with both of your other profiles, especially Tribe Member. Both Thrivers and Tribe Members are often social creatures who particularly love a fun, enjoyable, positive, family-feel work environment. So part of your attraction to the Thriver profile might be the parts of it that overlap with Tribe Member. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, I get the sense that if you had a shorter commute and didn’t have to go in to the office so early, you wouldn’t even be questioning whether you’re part-Thriver or not, because it wouldn’t be super relevant. But from what you described, I sense that you truly might have some Side Hustler going on as a secondary profile. So it will be important as you’re considering your next career steps to keep your Side Hustler in mind so you don’t get bored by a job with too little stimulation and variety.

    Hope that helps! And I’m SO happy to hear that this course was so helpful to you. That means the world to Rachel and me!


    Hi! I just signed up for the PPSC today and so far I’m really loving it…it’s actually kind of addicting? Unfortunately my brain is starting to slow down lol so here comes the question:

    If I want to stop for the day, how do I go about saving what I’ve written in my workbook? Would be a bummer to lose everything ^_^;

    Thanks! And I really love the videos and your approach, Rachel and Kristen…I wish I found out about you guys a long time ago! I honestly think that high schools should make your blogs and quiz a part of their curriculum or at least suggested reading. I think it would really take the edge off of graduating and starting life as an adult. I know it would have for me!


    Thanks so much Kristen! That’s super helpful and I think you might have a point about burn-out. Thanks for providing some clarity šŸ˜‰ (couldn’t resist the corny joke)

    Rachel E

    Hi Mary,

    As long as you have an updated version of Adobe, you should be fine! But if you’re worried you can always copy and paste your answers in a Word Doc! I know I’ve done that sometimes when I was concerned about losing my work.

    And I’m glad you’re loving what you’re learning so far! And I agree — it would have been great to know this stuff much earlier in life! Now that you know, though, hopefully you can spread the word to young people who may need to hear it. šŸ™‚

    Kristen W

    You’re welcome, Maya! Glad it was helpful! šŸ™‚


    Thank you Rachel! That’s what I wound up doing ^^) I’m not used to working on PDF. And I’ve already mentioned the site to a couple people!

    Kristen W

    Awesome, Mary — glad you found a way to make it work! And thanks for sharing our site with people. That’s the greatest compliment we can get! šŸ™‚


    Hi Rachel and Kristen!

    This is more of a comment/general thoughts on the Passion Profile philosophy that I was interested on getting your thoughts on:

    Ever since I did the Passion Profile quiz and short course (I’m a true and true Thriver), I have shared the quiz far and wide to as many friends as I can – so far no one has gotten a result they think is completely wrong for them.

    Interestingly, I’m finding all of my friends are Thrivers or Tribe Members (the two profiles that I believe cross over the most, then Fire Starter/Side Hustler cross over the most again).

    But even more interestingly – my partner is a Side Hustler, so quite opposite to myself. One of my friends Karien who is also a Thriver, got the guy she’s dating to do the quiz and he got Side Hustler. She says that’s definitely him – for example he’s developing a product on the side of his regular job, and has spent $50k developing it. For a Thriver like her, the thought of spending $50k on a side project makes her feel nauseous! šŸ™‚

    My question is – do you think that we are generally attracted to people who are similar to us in friendship, but seek the opposite in relationships? Is it a matter of Yin/Yang and being attracted to different qualities that you are missing within yourself perhaps? But like attracts like for friends?

    Second question is – have you ever considered writing a book? I talk to so many people about your Passion Profiles and the theory around combining your values around time, passion and money with your work, and that’s what makes it so unique. I could just definitely see a ‘The Passion Profile’ book on the shelves one day.

    Rachel E

    Hey Samantha!

    Good question! I think there could be some truth to the notion that we attract people like ourselves, and we naturally cluster in groups of likeminded people. And I can also see how partners could benefit from balance in their relationship, so that it’s beneficial to have two people with seemingly opposite profiles. But that said, I’ve met plenty of people who have partners with the same profile as them, and with friends who have different profiles. I think when you sample enough people, you get pretty much every combination you can think of among friends and partners, so I don’t think it’s totally possible to draw any concrete conclusions!

    And as for a book, it’s one of those things that we will probably do eventually, but just haven’t gotten around to yet. We’ve been producing a lot of other things over the past few years — courses, and then a podcast — that there was never quite enough time or energy for something as monumental as a book. But I think when we both feel it’s the right time, we’ll probably give it a go!


    Hi Rachel and Kristen! First, thank you so much for putting together such a great resource to stimulate reflection and provide clarity to so many.

    I have some thoughts with a couple questions mixed in.

    So for the quiz results, I was designated a THRIVER. I agreed with a lot of it but didn’t fully identify 100% with it. I just finished the SIDE HUSTLER deep dive and the Secondary Profile video and realized that I am also a SIDE HUSTLER– when Rachel described her brother and the stable job he’s in while also photographing and traveling the world, I was instantly jealous. So it was reassuring to me to hear him mentioned again in the Secondary Profile video, identified as a THRIVER-SIDE HUSTLER! šŸ™‚

    So I think I already know the answer to this question but wanted to ask the experts– is it possible for those of us who do have two profiles, that the primacy of the profiles can change depending on the phase of life we’re in? In other words, that the “balance” of those two profiles can change/ebb and flow throughout life? My self assessment is that I am relatively equal parts THRIVER and SIDE HUSTLER. I am currently more of a THRIVER because I’m in my 30s and at a point in life where I am leaving a career that has been global, exciting but unstable, in order to search for a career that is more stable and allows me to focus on growing getting married, having a family and investing more into my personal relationships. In my 20s, I believe SIDE HUSTLER was more my primary profile but in my current phase of life, I identify more with THRIVER… though I surmise I’ll keep the ‘variety’ alive in my life through social endeavors outside of work. However, I could also see myself shifting primacy back to the SIDE HUSTLER profile later on in life once I’m beyond raising a family. Thoughts? I actually took the Passion Profile Quiz twice, trying to conjure back to the perspective and priorities I had in my 20s and did actually get SIDE HUSTLER– this was even before I listened to the video on that profile so it is awesome that all of this is coming together and making a lot of sense!

    My second question is whether you have any book/resource recommendations for us THRIVER-SIDE HUSTLERs?

    Thanks again for your passions into helping all of us who feel a little lost right now šŸ™‚


    Kristen W

    Hi Grace! So glad you enjoyed the course! šŸ™‚

    From what you wrote, it’s clear that you’re a very self-aware person, and the PPSC helped you validate things you had started to suspect about yourself. Very cool! Also, I definitely agree that you sound like a pretty balanced Thriver-Side Hustler combo, so I think you’re spot on with that.

    I think you were starting to answer your own question, but I’ll confirm your suspicion: Yes, it’s totally normal for the balance of your two Profiles to ebb and flow over time, as you go through different phases of life. This might not be as true for someone with, say, a 90/10 breakdown of their two profiles, but if you feel like you’re pretty balanced between Thriver & Side Hustler, then they’re more likely to alternate between which one is prominent at any given time. You’re always going to have both sets of values to some extent, but as the priorities in your life change, so will the balance of your Profiles. Which just means it’ll be extra important for you to keep checking in with yourself periodically to recalibrate as necessary!

    As far as book recommendations/resources go for Thriver-Side Hustlers … let me sit with that for a while to see if anything in particular comes to mind. Also, I’m sure lots of people would love to have a list of books/resources specific to their Profile(s), so that might be something Rachel and I need to create! So I appreciate you asking the question because now you’ve got the wheels in my head turning. šŸ˜‰ I’ll get back to you on that!


    Thanks for the response Kristen! And thanks for the re-assurance with all of my self-assessments šŸ™‚ I am glad to have given you the book/resource idea and look forward to hearing what you come back with! Thanks again.


    Kristen W

    You’re welcome! Glad it was validating. And thank YOU for the great idea! šŸ™‚


    Hi Kristen and Rachel!

    Really glad to have found Clarity on Fire/PPSC, after literally googling “what do i love to do?” one (sadly typical) restless, existentialist afternoon at work. Thanks for all the work you’re putting out there!

    I am having trouble identifying my secondary profile because I relate to all 3 others and would love some insight on how to untangle it. I understand the overlapping idea, but would love some insight into my personal processing.

    So it makes sense to me that my primary is Tribemember, because passion and mission has always been my bottom line with my career. The people-oriented, team-focused traits are also what got me where I am today in the non-profit sector and the sorts of qualities I would lead with in interviews when I was young, sparkly-eyed and fresh. However, today I think I am a tribe member that has been burnt out by busywork in the hierarchical system of my company and currently, in a negative team environment especially.

    In fact, it is hard for me to read the Tribemember profile and still identify with being collaborative and valuing connection, and I find independence much more appealing. Even though my company has an amazing mission/mandate, I have always felt uncomfortable with the hierarchical structure and feel internally rebellious towards its rigidity and the lack of autonomy. So Firestarter right?

    Hmm, I’m just not sure about the intensity of this profile and don’t yet have a vision for running a business. I think this could indicate that I am secondarily a Sidehustler. I like variety, get easily bored with routine, and my problem over the years has been my lack of focus or resolve in one area of work. With my personal hobbies, I’m guilty of starting a lot of things without continuing or finishing. BUT I don’t see myself as a self-starter or energizer bunny. When left to my own devices, I have not made a practice of being “meaningfully occupied”. I procrastinate like it’s my job and can be downright idle with my time.

    So does this make me more like a Thriver? In my current job, I obviously can’t wait to clock out at 5PM every day. I also wonder whether I would actually enjoy turning hobbies into paid work because of the element of pressure. But of course, wouldn’t know unless I tried!

    Thanks for reading my stream-of-consciousness asking of the experts. Meanwhile, I’ll continue soul-searching šŸ™‚


    Kristen W

    Hi Charisse!

    I used to have some of those restless “help me Google!” moments back in my old job, so I totally get it! Glad the old Google-box led you to us. šŸ˜‰

    Great question about figuring out your Secondary Profile, and I definitely can see why you’re feeling a bit stuck with this. It would obviously help if I could talk through this with you in more depth in something like 1-on-1 coaching, but just based on what you wrote, here are my thoughts:

    — Tribe Member: I agree that you sound like a primary Tribe Member … but one that’s gotten burnt out (and maybe a bit jaded) by rigid, hierarchical structures and negative team environments. Those things are hard for anyone, but for Tribe Members, they’re downright devastating. I don’t think you’ve actually lost your Tribe Member sparkle — I think it’s just been dulled from environments that haven’t inspired you.

    — Firestarter: I also agree that you do seem to have an independent streak and a rebelliousness when it comes to working within “the system” (hierarchy, rigid schedules, lack of autonomy, etc.). So my hunch is that you might be a Firestarter secondarily. Keep in mind that not all Firestarters need (or want) to start their own business. You might like something more along the lines of “intrapreneurship” — as in, creating or leading a team/project/initiative within a bigger company. That way, you get lots more autonomy and control, without the external pressures of running the whole business. It will also be important for you to work someplace where they put a lot of trust in their employees to work on their own schedule and in a way that makes sense to them — micromanaging is going to drive you up a wall!

    — Side Hustler: I think your many interests and ideas might just be coming from the visionary part of your Secondary Firestarter. Being super curious and a natural idea-generator are traits that Firestarters and Side Hustlers often share. But the way that you described yourself, I don’t necessarily think this equates to you being a true Side Hustler.

    — Thriver: From everything you said, I truly don’t think you’re a Thriver. I think you might just be ACTING like a Thriver at the moment because you’re burnt out and disenchanted with your work, so you’re not as engaged as you would like to be, which is normal. I have a feeling that, if you were in the right work environment–with awesome, supportive, inspiring people, a mission you felt deeply connected to, and freedom to be creative and autonomous–your motivation and enthusiasm would come back in a big way.

    Now, please don’t just take my word about this! Check in with yourself to see how much of this rings true. And if you disagree with any part of it, use that as a way of getting curious about what’s actually true instead.

    Hopefully this helps! šŸ™‚

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