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    Rachel E

    This is an amazing update Brittany, thank you so much for sharing! I’m SO happy to hear that you’re freeing yourself from this prison cell you’ve been living in. And I definitely don’t think it’s inaccurate to describe it like that! It DOES feel like you’re trapped when you’re been discouraged and resentful and stuff for such a long time.

    And here’s the thing. The world DOES need average people, but it already has PLENTY of them, I can assure you. What it *really* needs, because there are fewer of them, is people like you who have a lot of passion and ideas and who can shake things up with their different perspective and desire to innovate. And by the way, do you want to know what the #1 fear I hear from literally every Firestarter and entrepreneur? “I don’t have what it takes to start a business.” It’s the most normal thought you could have right now, but that doesn’t make it true! Everyone thinks like that about something big that they haven’t done before. But if so many people can do it, Kristen and I included, why NOT you? 🙂 And yes, please keep us posted!

    Shona K

    It took me a little longer than I intended, but I finally finished the last of the course. I SOOO appreciate the two of you and what you have put together here!

    I took the profile quiz QUITE some time ago and learned I was a Thriver, and that really resonated, but learning more about Thrivers through the course AND decided I’m a secondary Tribe Member led to a lot of new insights about both past and current situations.

    After getting a bachelor’s degree in dance, I pretty much quit doing it because I was so burnt out, and the idea of doing it for a living took all the joy out of it. I became MOST miserable in my last job when I had to start being on call 24/7 and felt like I NEVER got to turn work “off.” I loved making jewelry until I tried selling it. I wanted to be a professional organizer until it was time to try to run a business. SOOOOO much Thriver. I already loved my current job, but doing the course gave me even more appreciation for WHY exactly. It also helped me realize why I really dislike working from home so much — it feels like the work is always there AND I’m lacking my tribe.

    I said in my post on the introduction forum that I was actually hoping to learn more to help me in my NON-work pursuits, and I had plenty of insights there, too. As I started thinking about Tribe Member energy, it made me realize that all of the things I loved growing up — dancing, marching band, youth group — were ALL group activities. I hate going home to exercise on my own, but I LOVE the kickboxing class we do at work once a week. It’s not exercise that I don’t like… It’s HOW I’m exercising. DUH! It got me thinking that my Tribe Member side may need more love in my personal time, and that taking classes and doing group activities may be just the thing I need to get me excited about my “fun” time instead of feeling like all I want to do is go home and binge Netflix.

    Anyway, all of that to say, I’m so glad that I decided to do the course and thankful for you both! 🙂

    Rachel E

    What a great update, Shona, thank you so much for sharing! It never ceases to amaze us how much happier and grounded people can be when they understand how (and give themselves permission) to align the way they work and live with how they’re actually wired. I love your insight about how all the things you enjoyed doing most as a kid were group activities. Yes! Feed that part of you with some fun extracurriculars! 🤗

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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