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    Thank you so much! I will! 🙂

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    Hey again, Kristen!

    Oh, okay, great thank you so much for putting the link there for the replay! 🙂 I’m excited to watch it! 😀

    Yeah, definitely… I will have to do that.. I love how you said “in the moment” too… I think I forget to concentrate about that because I am so obsessed with my “destination”.. My “future”, that I don’t live in the now. Why do I put sooo much pressure on what CAREER I’m meant to have lol…

    Okay, great thank you so much for the links!! So, these live hangouts… are y’all gonna be actually live, talking where we can see you (Like the past webinars you guys have held)? Or are they going to be pre-recorded?

    Thank you, you have a great week too! Talk soon!

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    Heyy Kristen!!

    Yayyyyyy!!! I am sooo excited and was glad to join you guys for the PPVE!! =D (Hope I have an opportunity for the 1-1 session too that would be so cool!) I am so relieved that these questions will be addressed in the PPVE! That makes me soo happy!

    You have helped me with putting some good perspective on how I view my art… And that it’s totally acceptable and okay to not pursue art right now… I look at what I’m able to do with it (and I think I’m good at it, which is why I’ve struggled with it, over the years…) then, I thought, well, maybe I’m meant to pursue it in another way, shape or form… just not now 🙂 Everything in Divine Timing I like to say 🙂 So, I want to thank you soooo much!! I really hope one day I get to truly live out what I’m meant to do/be….

    Okay, that’s awesome! I love being surrounded by people who are in the same boat you are! It’s so motivating! Oh okay, yeah those do sound like great ideas?? Thanks! =D I will definitely look into that… I guess I should start by asking… okay, what intrigues me right now? (Lol, literally and I can tell you right now – it’s Numerology/Soulwork) And then sit down with myself, honestly ask, why? And start there… Oh, wow really? That’s cool! Do you mind if I ask, what else intrigues you about Spirituality? 🙂 You know what else I was going to do (but it costs a fortune? 🙁 )? I was going to do a Spiritual Evolvement Course and Meditation Retreat… I really feel like being in the Environment could inspire me and I could learn so much?? For me, I need to literally be with like-minded people and experiment in order to feel motivated and excited!! 🙂

    Yeah, and I hear you there… Just, when I am faced with the question of what my natural interests are, I sometimes don’t know how to answer that question because of all these beliefs (either unconsciously or subconsciously)… I know right now, it’s Spirituality, but I don’t want to soul-search alone (because, in my household situation/personal life – I do feel alone in this).

    Yes – I cannot wait to dive into the PPVE!!! =D

    By the way, I meant to ask – Is there any way I could get a replay of the Workshop y’all had today at 1pm? Or did you have to register in order to get it? I don’t remember… lol. Also, will I have forever access to the login of the PPSC? Or do you guys end that at a certain time?

    Talk soon!


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    Good afternoon Kristen!! 😀

    Happy Sunday! Yes – all of this is very helpful!! Thank you so much!! I do have another question revolving around support positions… I think what I meant to ask, was, what kind of support roles would Thrivers enjoy (and with pay), that don’t revolve around (the stress of) leadership/management positions? I have thought about management roles before – owning my own business, which is why I majored in Business Management online, (but never finished – courses were too fast-paced)… But, the responsibility of everything else, – I imagine there probably is a whole lot that goes into Business Management/Owning your own business/Leading a group… But, how do I know if I would feel that “exciting drive/positive motivation” despite those pressures… or resent it? I know there is no such thing as “that perfect job, there is going to be some level of stress – but i’m talking about the type of stress that won’t leave you feeling depressed, out of place, angry (unhealthy, basically lol).
    According to my full name – I am a number 9 in Numerology, which means Humanitarianism, and serving and uplifting others… Again, though, rises my concerns… :/ (I don’t mean to boast, – mind if I share a cool piece of info?) – “According to Numerology, People with the 9 energy’s purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and they have a great power and love in their soul. They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity. There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism (My name actually has those strengths attached to it :). There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family, and friends.” – I feel I am still evolving, and learning about myself, but I agree with this… My Soul just hasn’t fully expressed it, which is why I probably am still questioning I guess?… Anyway, I could go ON about this stuff! Lol, sorry!

    My other concern is…. and this has been in my head for some time, but it’s been in the background… How do I know if any type of art is what I want to pursue… if I don’t want (or do??) fame/to be known from it? I know that being the center of attention is not for me, I am very subtle with how I put myself out there artistically… I don’t put it out there like, “Look at me! I’m in the spotlight!” type of way… it’s more of a modest, personal, quiet way… if that makes any sense… For example, I have thought about starting a photography business… or putting sayings on coffee cups cuz I love coffee lol (just a thought lol) But, I imagine taking pictures of random people – families, portrait shots… and I don’t feel any excitement?? I don’t feel that drive or inspiration to connect with random people with photography? But, then again – I don’t know because I’ve never tried it? But, those thoughts go through my mind when I imagine being a busy photographer… Now, if it was people I am close to, have fun with, love – then I would most likely feel inspired to create things… I am trying to really be true to myself as far as my creativity goes… What would I truly want to do, creatively? Do I want to make a living somehow of it? But, I’m afraid to invest in a business, and then turns out, I hate it? But, would if, the more I invest my creativity in it, the more I enjoy it? But, then would if i get bored super quickly with it and want to move on to something else? Do you see what I mean?

    And yes, I know what you mean by being part of an integral team – putting your unique talents to work 🙂 I am just trying to think…. What do I really enjoy? What really excites me that I can make a stable, fun, exciting, laidback career out of? I am not sure if being busy all the time would be invigorating for me, or frustrating/irritating? And I am not quite sure how to answer that question… any advice? :/

    I do want to say, that after I left that event you guys held Tuesday night – I left sooo happy!! Because, I felt like part of a group that supported what I was looking for all along, and what I believed in! It felt like I was part of a “Passion group” or something?? You know?? And so, I pondered that as well.. Like, would I want to be a part of something like this, and somehow get paid doing it? But, how? lol…. So many questions! =P

    I hope all of this isn’t too much to ask… I am just trying to get clear on what I should pursue… and be committed and consistent with it. I don’t want to waste anymore time or money, and because I’ve been unsure for years… I have wasted time and money :/

    Oh my gosh really?! 444 is an amazing number!! Means the Angels are with you!!! =D They support you and your journey!! How cool!! I could talk about Angel numbers, dreams, Mediums, Soul evolvement alllll day!

    Lol – Okay, so (deep breath!) let me refresh all of my questions…
    1.) How do I know if art is something I truly want to pursue, big or small (as a side business, for example) without draining the fun/creativity/inspiration out of it?
    2.) I am struggling with what really excites me/passionate about that I can make a good living doing?
    3.) Could I get paid being part of a passion group (example – supporting what you guys do as work)? Lol… weird question, but had to ask… don’t know if you could get paid being part of a passion group, unless you’re leading it yourself? (I LOVED being part of something I truly had faith in/believing in/connecting with others on)
    4.) What kind of Support roles would Thrivers enjoy, that don’t necessarily have to be Leadership type positions?

    Talk soon!

    Brianne 🙂

    P.S – So sorry this is a BOOK long lol – I just like to get all of my thought out there!

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    Heyy Kristen!

    Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with my art – my sister has told me, “I think you’re passion is your art. You just look at it in a negative light”… and Kristen, I literally don’t know completely why that is? I don’t want to force my artistic talent or anything… I like singing, and other realms of art (fine art or expressive). I also despise deadlines when it comes to putting pressure on my creative side/art, that’s how I felt in high school! My teacher was like, “do it like this, oh and don’t forget it’s due on this date!” And I would suck at deadlines! Lol!

    How ironic that you mentioned what Thrivers prefer because I was thinking about that last night! Like, omg am I meant to be in a leadership type position? That discourages me because I don’t know if I would like it?! And I agree with those values when it comes to honoring the Thriver in me… I just have never been put in situations or experiences, really, that express those values, so it’s hard to foresee what role (career/jobs) I will be in that honors those values…

    I know I was gonna say “don’t like too much responsibility” but I was ignoring that preference because “it sounded bad” lol. But it’s time to start accepting what I truly want… not what they people think I need. Oh okay – that gives me more perspective…. what career examples would you say are non-leadership/management roles?

    Omg I am OBSESSED with Angel Numbers!!! I see 222 EVERYWHERE! It stands for balance, new beginnings, and to trust that you’re on the right path :))) in fact, when I was at the event you guys held the other night, I saw 222 that night!! Confirmation from my spirit guides/Angels/loved ones from the Other Side that I am doing the right thing for myself! I love learning about different avenues of New Age spirituality! I was reading about my Photographic Aura yesterday and it’s so ironic what it said! ???? (Can’t remember right now lol plus I’m on break at work so I can’t remember what it said ???? But it was true stuff! That I can relate to as well 🙂

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    Hey Rachel and Kristin!!

    How are you guys? 😀 I hope y’all are having a great day! Soooo… I think I have finally figured out what my Primary and Secondary Passion Profiles are… I think it boiled down to Thriver/Side Hustler… I have a wide range of interests, are excited and are curious about a lot of things, but I also value stability, security and comfort. That is a must when it comes to my career. If I don’t have that – I will go insane lol. I do want to share something, before I ask what I wanted to ask… I have been in a mental rut about one of my natural talents, which is art… I have put sooo much mental stress on “I need to have a creative career”, but that means being This or That, when really, I have no idea what the future holds for one lol, and I need to relax lol… Like, I have thought, “Oh, am I meant to be an actor?? Or a movie director??” But, I imagined that because I have always drawn when I was little, have always been bright-eyed and creative, yet pretty shy and introverted. I still think, that despite my doubts, if I really wanted to go to an art school – I would’ve done it by now. I’m still confused by my art, and whether or not I’m supposed to pursue it or not… I definitely don’t feel like drawing lol, but I like the idea of having inspiration behind my art/expressions. I still think to myself, “If I really wanted to be a photographer, I would have been half-way finished with my degree by now, and have wanted to go for it.” I would have felt soo passionate about it, I would’ve went for it! I have thought about dabbling into a few things… But, I just don’t have inspiration or desire to do anything artsy unless I “feel like it”, and even that doesn’t feel like ENOUGH.

    Okay, to get to my question I wanted to ask lol… So, one of Thriver’s natural attributes and strengths is “great in Support roles”… any ideas of what that would be or look like? What kind of jobs/careers revolve around Support roles? Also – just out of curiosity (and for fun!), do any of y’all believe in Angel Numbers? 🙂

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