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Kristen W

Hi (again) Mary! 🙂

I actually kind of love that you wrote this new intro post before remembering that you’d already written one back in December, because it shows even more clearly how much has changed (and how much YOU’VE changed) in just a few short months!

There are so many things I love about your update, but most of all I’m happy that understanding your Thriver profile has helped you get clarity around what’s most important to you work-wise (and life-wise) so you can make the right changes that will fit those needs/desires. And speaking of changes … yay for quitting a job that wasn’t right for you and making moves in a new direction!!

Also, THANK YOU for being such a powerful example to others that you do NOT need to be 100% qualified for a job to be seriously considered (and possibly even get an offer). So many people hold themselves back because of that, so I’m beyond happy to hear that you didn’t let that stop you. Please keep us updated on how the job search goes! 🙂