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My name is Mary. I took the quiz because I love quizzes and was fully prepared to take in the results with a grain of salt and a smile 🙂 Instead, I found a powerfully illuminating guiding was life changing in that funny, slight turn kinda way. I got Thriver as my result. Nothing drastic initially, of course, but since I took the quiz, then bought and finished the PPSC a couple months ago my whole career direction has fundamentally shifted.

I have been working, mostly unhappily, as a Machinist for about 5 years now. I knew I had made a mistake somewhere because I could never find a shop I liked even though I was really proud of myself for what I had accomplished. The context was always wrong for me. A concept I never really knew how to put into words before this course. It was too stressful, too repetitive and frankly, way too unkind. Its a male dominated field and I just felt a consent sense of being ‘less then’. I made the decision to quit my current machinist gig (last day is march 25th!!) and try to leverage the hard earned skills into a position that I can have as my sugar daddy! I loved that about my profile in the audio and I come back to that idea often..! I have interviewed with a handful of companies and said no, which is crazy! I never said no before to a job..i was always just happy to take whatever. I want to work in the Space industry and because of this course and the helpful guidance of the workbook, I have sussed out a plan of action and its working! I applied for a job I was only somewhat qualified for and am well into the interview process.

I have high hopes but even if this job doesn’t work out, this whole process have given me the courage to be more authentic in my job searches and just that is enough to go on about. Thank you very much! There is this quote that I was reminded of when doing this work. ‘A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s own wings.’ I am really happy I took that quiz… Thanks again!