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Hi I’m Annabelle! I’m from the UK but have been living in the US for 5 years now. I’ve gotten both tribe member recently and side hustler in the past (but resonate with parts of all the profiles!!).
I’m great at ideas and thinking, but struggle to actualize them sometimes. Recently I’ve gotten clear on my current life goals and priorities, and among them was this idea of getting more intentional/structured support and accountability with my whole approach to passions/career/jobs, perhaps shaking it up since what I’ve been doing hasn’t quite been working for me. I know the general/abstract things I want to be doing with my life, but getting there and figuring out how job/income fits in with passion/meaning in a sustainable way is proving tricky.
Listening to your podcast I had a few lightbulb moments, including that maybe I should treat my passions as creativity and not put pressure on them to pay my bills (though then I get stuck on how to pay the bills). You also reminded me that I can ‘write my way into the plot’ and sitting around won’t bring me clarity. If I could have aha moments from a few podcasts, I thought there might be something to this.
So, this is my next step to writing my way into the plot, to get new insights and structure to move forward on things, and perhaps to figure out if 1:1 coaching is right for me.
Thanks so much 🙂