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Kristen W

Based on some of the values you mentioned here, it’s no wonder you’re feeling frustrated at this job. You value variety, but you said your work is monotonous and you have do to the same thing day-in and day-out. You value connection, but you work alone at home (and it sounds like that’s not just because of the pandemic, although that’s definitely made it worse.) You value growth, and you’ve tried to grow within the company by applying for other roles, but it never works out. So it only makes sense that you’re feeling drained and frustrated!

It sounds to me like you’ve been trying to make this job fit HOW you need to work, but you keep hitting a ceiling. So it makes sense that you’re ready to look for other roles and even other companies to see if you can find better alignment with your values.

If you haven’t yet, I would suggest trying the “Job Searching According to your Values” exercise in the workbook. It will give you a good framework for how to approach job searching a bit differently, with more of that values-based focus.

That’s for sharing more about your career story and your experience so far in the course!