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Hi Rachel and Kristen,

Thank you both for responding. I’ve been working this course and I really feel like the How you work is as important as the What you are doing. A bit about my background: My current role is working in quality assurance for a bank, working with home equity loans, lines of credit, and mortgages, Working with federal rules and regulations within the loan application process. I initially got into it after working as a customer service representative and branch lending officer. I was also in school getting my degree in Paralegal Studies so this role kinda but not really falls under the Legal umbrella. There are portions of my job that I enjoy but they don’t outweigh the rest. Its a lot of monotony, doing the same thing over and over and if we don’t maintain a certain daily productivity level, it reflects in our reviews and consequently in our raises, such as they are. WE do have opportunities to do different tasks but not enough to satisfy my need for variety in the work. Since the beginning, I’ve struggled with productivity and being timed as each loan has a time allotted to it and if we don’t complete the review within that time frame it will have negative consequences. I also just sit at a desk and for the past few years (or more) I’ve worked from home. I do value connection so I had been going to the office once or twice a week, but since the pandemic, I haven’t been allowed back. I miss my people. I do like the company I work for (I’ve worked here for 17 years) and I do believe in their mission. I’ve tried to look for other roles within the company with no luck so would always get frustrated and overwhelmed and just hoped that things would change. 17 years later I’m still here. I’ve tried looking at other companies but there are so many options its overwhelming. A Vicious cycle. I’m not sure why I’m rambling but I’m hoping to try looking again but this time based on my values, as you suggest in the course. Something has to change. Thanks for listening!