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Its definitely been an internal journey! I feel like between my wife and I, we’ve been on an internal journey together for at least a few years both in our careers and personally. I’ve actually always been envious of her because she’s always been relatively happy in her career no matter what that was. I, on the other hand, have always dreamed of having a career I was proud of but never quite gotten there….always the elusive dream. I’m going through the course, taking time to reflect on each part. I feel like I’m a combo of Tribe Member and Thriver. I value connection with others and creativity, work/life balance, seeing my work directly impacting others, quality time, income predictability but still being paid well. I can manage data but not people (unless 1:1) and I enjoy being a subject matter expert. I also cannot handle too much pressure, being timed or making quotas or multi-tasking where there are a lot of balls in the air at once. Most of my roles have definitely been negatively triggering in one way or another. I’m hoping this course will help me identify my optimal working environment that will help me narrow the types of roles to look for. I’m tired of the way I feel about my work.. having 2 degrees and not earning what I’m worth.

Definate Aha moment listening to both those Passion Profiles.. I can see and feel myself in both.