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Hi I’m Jessica,
I’m from the South Jersey/Phia area and I signed up for this course last year, but for different reasons, couldn’t seem to commit enough time to it to get much out of it. I’m going to try again. Most of my working life I’ve worked at jobs that have felt “off” or I’ve been severely unhappy or have triggered anxiety. Currently I’ve been in the same role for about 10 years and most of that time I’ve struggled but I always stuck with it because I always thought it was me not getting it and if I worked hard enough I’d get it and it’d be better or I’d keep hoping the assignments would change and I’d enjoy it more. I realize now the role is just not a good fit for me and I need to be looking elsewhere or ask to make adjustments in the meantime if possible. In the last couple of years, I’ve started to do some major self reflection about myself and my previous and current roles to see what was or wasn’t working for me or what triggered my anxiety and needed to change. I signed up for this course in hopes to connect everything together to find a role that fits me better that is also soul satisfying and will help me to make an income I deserve. Thanks for listening!