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I received your first “check in” email after purchasing PPSC to jump over to the forum, and I’m taking advantage to do just that!

I don’t quite remember the exact details on how I stumbled across the Clarity on Fire, Passion Quiz, but I know my life has not been the same since reading my results of being a Fire Starter. It took almost a year and half before I worked up enough courage to purchase PPSC ( after countless, personality quizzes, self help books, etc)..and I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I’ve experienced as I progress with the course. All my life, I’ve felt disappointed, discouraged, resentful, and honestly, such a hot mess jumping from office job to office job. Exact words in my journal describe me feeling, “like I’m in a prison cell”..and when I finished your Fire Starter Presentation video, everything just, clicked. This is me. A Fire starter. This is why I’ve been so miserable in countless cubical jobs. This is why, every single job posting I come across, feels exactly the same, miserable and defeating.

I’ve completed the beliefs and values section of the workbook so far, and I realize my beliefs have been severely limiting my ability to live a fulfilling life. ” Maybe I’m just an average person, and the world needs average people with no real dreams…chasing a dream would just be a waste of time and money, and likely just leave me broke and helpless.. Having my own business would be exhausting and I could never pull it off. I don’t have what it takes to own a business.” Admitting all of that is difficult, extremely difficult..but I’m so thankful to have finally have some answers.

I look forward to continuing the course to learn more about the different profiles, and continue on this wild journey. Will post again, I’m sure 🙂