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Haha I just read the “Breaking your leg in the shower” blog post you referenced in the video and it’s so true to my life right now. I broke my ankle 5 weeks ago. Before that it had gotten pretty unbearable at work and the things I asked for (like backfill so I wasn’t working 2 positions, more time to spend on the project I’m assigned to, some flexibility to work from home etc.) were mostly being ignored by managers and HR. Everyone around me was dragging their heels to make anything happen. After I broke my ankle (I didn’t go on short-term disability and chose to keep working) many of the things I hoped and asked for before the accident were fast-tracked and today I’m quite a bit happier.

Sometimes it does take breaking your leg for the situation to change 😛

(And as a Thriver this is why having a job that provides stability in the form of good health insurance and a steady paycheck in times of sickness is an absolute top value for me!)