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Hi everyone! My name is Ginny, and I am from Wisconsin. I’m a long time listener of the Clarity on Fire podcast. I typically have a hard time reaching out for help and have hestitated to take this course in the past, but I think I’m finally in that place where the pain of staying stuck where I am is greater than the fear of trying something new.

My passion profile is Thriver. Even though I can identify with just about everything in the Thriver profile, I also can’t seem to let go of my long held dream of being self employed so I often feel conflicted about which direction to go in. I’m an introvert and HSP and struggle in the very non-introvert friendly open office environment of my current workplace. It’s a good company but the job itself is draining and no longer fulfilling, and I’m ready to start exploring other options. I could use guidance in figuring out what those could be, and accountability is also really key for me in getting myself to take action. I’m excited to get started!