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Kristen W

Hi Vick — I’m glad this course clarified what’s been missing in your current work-from-home job! It sounds like, as a Side Hustler, you need the ability to be creative, have lots of ideas, brainstorm with others, and be constantly learning. Since you feel like you’re not learning much in your job right now, it’s no wonder you’re feeling restless and ready for a change.

You asked if getting an MBA is a good idea, and I think it could certainly help you scratch your itch for growth and learning, and it may also teach you how to implement your ideas. Without doing some 1-on-1 coaching with you and learning more about your situation, it’s hard for me to determine if that’s the right next step for you or not, but from what you described it sounds like it could be a good option. It’s certainly not the only way for you to get those needs/values met, but it’s one good potential avenue.