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This experience has already helped me understand myself and my current situation better. Listening to the Thriver profile really opened my eyes to a few things.

I’ve been working in the outdoor industry for the last few years (think surf, snow, bike) and while everyone tells me “that’s the dream” because I’m really passionate about those activities and it has a cool factor (and pro deals lol) it’s actually been hurting my passions. I currently work for a bike company and while they advocate lunch rides and the “work hard, play hard” mentality I’ve been riding less since I started there than before I took the job. I think I feel like there’s a pressure to perform and excel at my passion now that it’s linked to my job and the pressure makes it less fun. While I’m not in charge of anything and this job has stability, I also feel like a bit of a poseur because riding bikes is just something I do for fun not my capital-P “passion” like it is for a lot of other people there. The culture is totally Tribe Member-centric and I feel burntout trying to constantly fit in.

A second interesting thing that came up was the Thriver who wanted to teach (some) yoga. I am a petsitter on the side but don’t want to start my own business around it like a Firestarter or Side Hustler. I do it because petsitting is fun for me and the extra money is nice too. But if it were my whole career I would be so stressed about doing it. I like knowing that as a Thriver I can still do other “work” whether volunteering or side gigs as long as they appeal to the always having fun side of me.

I am really looking forward to exploring secondary profiles next as I feel like there might be a dash of Firestarter rebelliousness in me as well haha 🙂