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Hi Kristen!

Yes intrapreneurship would be great. Or even a role that was exclusively project based and allowed me to work remotely. Assuming the projects are fun and stimulating enough to keep me engaged (without being overwhelming) and my input is needed.

Most of the questions in my head are about how I can transition into a type of job that Ive never had before. For example, since Ive spent much of the past few years learning about digital marketing and copywriting I think there is at least some potential there. I prefer editing strongly to writing. So I dont have concrete examples that I can point to and say yes I can do this for you.

I remember hearing you mention how you and Rachel are Firestarter thrivers. Im more thriver dominate but also a firestarter. Ive never had a collaborative role but think that I would be excited to work in a creative evironment where collaboration and risk were encouraged and awarded.

Autonomy and freedom may be the most important values to me. Besides having fun of course 😉

Im curious what new skills I may need to develop. I know that will likely depend on other details Ill learn in my research. Ill be sure to check back in with the forum when I have questions and updates.

Thank you 🙂