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Kristen W

Hi Tristan! So glad you decided to join us for the PPSC.

It’s totally understandable that you’ve felt frustrated by starting businesses in the past (and maybe even now, too) considering you’re not a pure Firestarter — you’re also a Thriver. (I totally get this inner tug-of-war, in a very personal way, because I’m also a mixture of those two profiles!) So the Thriver part of you craves stability and predictability, which means not all forms of entrepreneurship will feel like a good fit. The riskier the venture, the more your Thriver self is going to freak out.

I’d be curious to hear what you think about the concept of “intrapreneurship.” Essentially, it means being an innovator/creator of some kind of project or initiative within a company. I think it might appeal to your Firestarter’s desire to rebel and do things your own way, while respecting your Thriver’s need for security. Thoughts?

Good luck with the job searching! Your commitment to doing it consistently every week is a great strategy. Can’t wait to hear what you find!