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Hi Im Tristan and have been following the blog for several months. Found out about your business through Steph Crowder (Courage and Clarity first but then she also mentioned you on Fizzle`s main podcast).

I used to be in the Fizzle community. Which was fun but I suspect its mostly firestarters and side hustlers over there! Ive wonderered if there are other thrivers and tribe members starting businesses and keep hitting the same walls as I have. I started a business in college and helped a friend launch one together in our mid 20s but they all tanked quickly. It was only in the past few years (Im 36) that I took writing courses / coaching and tried growing a following online.

My first quiz result was for firestarter but I was also pursuing a business at the time so I answered the questions based on my freedom and rebelious tendencies. After retaking the quiz Im a thriver and firestarter combo. It makes sense for me but I also wonder how I can make it work. I have a strong desire to not work much but love freedom and finding ways to rebel makes me happy. Its usually the only “autonomous” part of any job Ive had.

I got started in a large law office doing admin / service roles that Ive never enjoyed but pay better than other entry level jobs I would seek. The kind of work I do is being outsourced so Ive known I need to find a new career for a while. Ive made a lot of progress during that time in getting along with people better and in securing a substantial raise during my last transition.

I finished the course and am looking forward to seeing if there are any jobs that would feel good for me and pay well enough. Ive commited to doing job search research weekly in order to find out if there’s a fit out there for me. We’ve had a few emotionally unstable folks in this office during the past year. I have great perks here which is the only reason I’ve been able to ride it out so far.