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Good morning! I’m Karisa. I found the Clarity on Fire website through a blog link and I’ve been enjoying the site so much. I feel incredibly validated. My passion profile is Thriver. There is so much of the Thriver profile that’s resonating with me, but the biggest thing is about not feeling guilty for not being super passionate about my work. Honestly, if I could stay at my current or better income, I would be doing animal rescue and teaching yoga. 🙂 As it is, I’m working to become certified to teach yoga and I have volunteered with a local animal rescue for six years.
In my current job, I feel like I don’t fit in, at least not with the people over me. I work in research and my principal investigator spends alllllll his time at work, and expects the staff to do the same. He hasn’t treated us staff with respect very much either, which leads to my not respecting him and a lot of resentment. I’ve worked there for five years and have job searched off and on for four of those years. Often I feel trapped, exhausted, and just not understood at all. Combine that with a difficult work environment where I was bullied at the beginning and just a lot of negativity in general and that has brought me down a lot. I’m really scared of going from the current environment to another one that’s the same and feeling trapped and bullied again!
I’m working through the PPSC and I just listened to the Thriver profile video. At first, I thought maybe Tribe Member was my secondary profile, but after I listened to the Thriver profile, I realized that I don’t absolutely crave a connection to people at work. I like working in a team, but I don’t need to feel like part of a family at work. I haven’t listened through the whole program yet, but I was wondering about the observation that society expects workers to be Tribe Members. How does a Thriver live in a society that expects workers to be Tribe Members? For example, the thought of doing things with my boss and coworkers, like happy hour or some other outside work gathering, makes my skin crawl. There are one or two that I’d hang out with outside work, but not the majority of them. Writing this out, I think I still need to work on giving myself permission to say no to those sorts of things 🙂 But I’m hoping that you all have some additional insights. Thank you for this program, it resonates with me so deeply!