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Hi Everyone!

I am Stefanie. Last year I was floundering after I had started a Phd., but was seriously doubting whether it was the right step for me. I started watching all these videos online on how to find your passion and have a fulfilling career, and all of them seemed convinced that you just had to pick your one true passion and make your career out of it. Well that put a lot of pressure on defining my “one true passion”. Eventually I found the passion profile quiz after googling: “What to do if you don’t know what your passion is”. One of your blogs came up and I did the passion profile quiz. I got Thriver and it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Instead of picking one of my passions to be my one and only, I could just do a job and save my passions for my free time. It was ok to feel like my job should be a smaller part of my life, instead of the thing I should be living for.

I have been reading the blog and watching your online workshops for the past year and have gained so many new perspectives that seemed very relieving. I considered signing up for the virtual experience everytime it came up. Now I am once again at a crossroads where I am looking for jobs and I decided to commit and sign up for the PPSC. I am super excited and looking forward to getting to know me better, and how it can help me find a good job fit for me ( one that won’t take over my life, but enhance it in the best possible way ;). I feel like I may have some side hustler in me (many passions, love learning, like structured flexibility, get bored easily), so I am very interested in learning about the other profiles and seeing how it affects job searching.

Kind regards,