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Kristen W

Hi Mitch! So glad you decided to join us for this course. 🙂

Sounds to me like you’re a seeker with a lot of ambition and ideas. That’s an awesome gift! The challenge can be in choosing which of your many ideas and ambitions to follow through with, and then not working so hard that you burn yourself out before you can turn your idea into reality. The good news is, you’re clearly an introspective person who is very interested in getting more and more self-aware. So as you learn more about yourself, you’ll have an easier time choosing what to pursue and knowing what your limits are so you don’t burn out as often.

This course will definitely help you with all of that, since at its core, this is a course about understanding yourself on a deeper level. And if you feel like you still need more individualized support after you’re done with this program, Rachel or I would be happy to talk with you about 1-on-1 coaching options.

I hope you’ll come back and let us know how this program goes for you! Feel free to ask us any questions or share any insights you have as you’re going through it.