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Hi Everyone from Australia!

I’m Mitch (Firestarter/Tribe Member (Collaborate with people)/Side Hustler, ENFP) I’m 29 Years old and have worked in warehouses for most of my working life. I also have an Dual Diploma in Information Technology and Systems Administration. I worked in IT field for a while for a company but now do a little bit by myself at home while being a stay at home dad. I’m constantly trying to find my passion and who I am, and feel like I cant, so here I am.

Everyday I have to be doing something that works towards finding my passion, making money from it and living my life. I believe I can be very exhausting to my wife at times because I really want to involve her in everything I do. I’m constantly coming up with Ideas and have began to pursue many of them only to lose momentum due to burnout. Its like Everything has to be done now. Its very tiring, so much so that I burnout at my other jobs because Id work so hard. I was the person people would come to, to get things done which felt a lot like them using me after a while. Sometimes I wish I would just be happy with going to a 9-5 but the purpose has never been there leaving me to think, “Is this it.”

Hopefully we can work together to help me find my path, which I believe has to be running my own business or something, maybe even Real Estate. I Also resonate with Careers Counselling and Natural Medicine. Some sort of consulting role as I love giving advice too.

Well Thanks for reading, That’s a little about me. Look forward to hearing back from you. Might have to book a session with you.

Kind Regards