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Mary S

Hello I’m Mary,

Originally from Michigan but have been living in Austin, TX for the past 8 years. My whole professional career(s) has been here in Austin. In one of my many bouts of unemployment, I took this quiz and signed up for the intro course, but never finished.
I’m a Thriver through and through. Perhaps a touch of side-hustler or more accurately, forced to live the side-hustler life to survive.

Today I finished the starter course because I’ve come to a point where I may not be able to afford to work at this company anymore. (And my therapist has been encouraging me to look for new opportunities…and my manager too sort of.) Taking the course and finishing this time has brought my anxiety down a bit and really figure out a different way to approach the job search. I tell you I’ve been to nearly every job search course they offer here in Austin.
This course so far, has been more beneficial than the job coaching I had to take a loan out for. I’m finally able to look at my current job as a bridge job while I look again.