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Hi Everyone,
My name is Jill, and I’m currently a Commercial Real Estate Broker living in Denver. I’ve been in Real Estate for about a year and a half, after living in Chicago and being in the Corporate world/Fashion Industry for 10 years.

I decided to make the move for both personal and professional reasons, but have come to realize that I love living in Denver, but miss A LOT of aspects of my previous job/career, and dislike A LOT of things in my current one.

I took the quiz, and I’m a Tribe-Member. This describes me to a “T,” and re-confirms everything that has been going through my mind in regards to what I want and don’t want within a job/career.

With that being said, I’m feeling very stuck because what I don’t know is the direction or specific job/career I want to pursue. This is hopefully where you will come in, and provide some insight and clarity.

Looking forward to hopefully having an “a-ha moment” where I can feel confident in moving in a direction that I can be excited and passionate about.

– Jill