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Jessica W

Thank you so much for this experience! I initially signed up for this course months ago and life got in the way. Until I negotiated with my employer to take a 6 month paid sabbatical (YES!). And now I FINALLY had the time to focus on completing the course from start to finish, exercises and all! I have struggled for several years to articulate, much less understand the “how” I like to work and the values around it. I have read dozens of professional development books and twice as many articles on the subject of careers and “finding your passion”, etc. This was the first time I ever heard anyone say your passion is not a “what” and it struck a major chord to change my entire perspective on the matter.

I still don’t have all the answers (the journey continues!) but with the guidance and “straight-talk” you guys share throughout this course, I have much more confidence (and actual excitement!) about continuing forward.