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Kristen W

Hi Jessica!

I have to say — I’m really impressed by how self-aware you already are at 18! I wasn’t thinking nearly as far ahead as you are at that age, so you’re ahead of the game in a really great way! Because you’re already so committed to finding a career path that will allow you to have the kind of lifestyle you want after college, I have total faith that you’ll be able to make that happen. The key is to use these next few years in college to understand yourself in a deeper way than you ever have before.

The beauty of being in college and not having to make a career decision right this very minute is that you have space to experiment, try things, and change your mind. That’s what I would have you really focus on over the next few years before you graduate. Don’t feel like you need to make every decision perfectly right now — it’s perfectly OK to try things, realize you don’t like them (like your Computer Information Technology major right now), and change course. If you view college as a space where you have freedom to explore and discover who you are and what you love, you’ll feel SO much less pressure to “get it all right” immediately.

You’re in such a great place, and you’re asking all of the right questions. So glad to have you here! 🙂