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Kat A

Hi everyone!

Kat here. 🙂

My Passion Profile is Thriver. I got this result last year which was one of the reasons I took the PPVE late last year too. I took the quiz again a few days ago before starting the PPSC and still got the same result. I am also trying to determine if I have a secondary profile…

I am taking the PPSC now for the following reasons:

1. To refocus and get back on track on how I am supposed to be living my life as “me” professionally (primarily) in preparation for the New Year;
2. To have a better idea of how I want to work having had a year of new experiences since I took the PPVE;
3. To have closure on whether to go back to the corporate world or not;
4. To have a better idea of and embrace what I am passionate about;
5. To avoid the reactive pattern of just applying for and getting any job just because it pays well.

Excited to have clearer self-knowledge and next steps. 🙂

Thanks and its great to be back!:)