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Kristen W

Hey Jeanie! I love that you’ve been trying to entertain and occupy yourself at this current job (the Firestarter in you can’t be totally held back!), but you’re right, that’s not a sustainable long-term solution for the fact that you’re so incredibly BORED. You’re also right that it’s pretty unlikely that your Passion Profile will change (although this does occasionally happen when a major life event rearranges your priorities, but you’ll likely always have some Firestarter/Tribe Member energy). And that means, if you haven’t been able to make yourself happy at this job after years of trying, it’s probably just not a good fit for your Passion Profile. I’m excited that you’re opening up to new possibilities that might better align with your values, although I know it’s scary to contemplate other options, especially if those options don’t line up with what other people believe you “should” be doing. It’s going to take some serious courage to forge your own new path, but it’s going to feel WAY better on the other side. You’ve clearly made a ton of progress in that direction already, which is awesome!

Also, thank you for such an amazing compliment! Authenticity and depth are incredibly important to Rachel and me, and we try to infuse everything we do with those qualities. It means the world to hear that we’re succeeding in that! 🙂 So happy you joined us here for the Short Course.