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Jeanie T

Hi All!

I am Jeanie. I started this journey because I am BORED at my job and have been for years, except that I find ways to make myself less bored and benefit my company. I have realized it’s time to make changes to find my passion! Making myself entertained for a while is not good enough anymore. I took the quiz and I am a Fire Starter, I also have some tribe member tendencies as well for sure. I have almost completed the Passion Profile Short course and it has been very helpful in that it clarified for me that this way I am working and what I am doing is not where I want to stay and further that I need to work on my courage to start figuring out what I want to do what makes me happy and move towards working and living my passion. I know what I find my work to be may change but my passion profile will, most likely, not change. I have realized that I really struggle to understand my actual needs and wants because I am so wrapped up in others’ expectations and what I “should” do or be or like etc. UGH.

So I love you girls! You are the only peeps in personal development that I have really felt a connection to because you and your work is very authentic and deep. Thank you!!