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Kristen W

Hi Dan! I’m glad you watched and enjoyed our live hangout earlier today. I absolutely understand your frustration of loving something (in your case, design), and yet having the fun drained out of it because of you don’t enjoy the kind of design you’re doing and the working environment. (As you heard in the live hangout, I went through the same thing myself with writing!)

I think it’s awesome that your friend made the unconventional decision to leave her stable job and pursue something that most people would think is illogical, but that she absolutely loves! The fact that you fell into a deeper funk after hearing her story means that, on some level, you want the same thing. I have a feeling that, once you’re more clear about your Passion Profile and HOW you should ideally be working based on your values, it’ll be much easier to find a way of choosing how you want to continue in the world of design (or possibly in another field altogether!).

Thanks for joining us for the PPSC, and I hope you come back to share your insights and/or ask any questions along the way!