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Dan B

Hey Kristen & Rachel,

I’m Dan from New York City & just finished watching the live hangout ‘Why “doing what you love” doesn’t work, and what to do instead’.

I’m 32 and work at a startup as a “UI/UX Designer”. Design has always been a part of me (would doodle all the time as a kid in class). But lately I rarely get to design what I want and it’s not always fun anymore.

and having been getting in one of my work funks. I tend to have these at every job, losing interest in the work, no drive, not focused at the tasks at hand, finding the annoyances of coworkers. A friend of mine just left her work in the digital corporate world to move to Maine and become an assistant to an established pottery maker. That’s what she loves to do so she left the city and that life to go do this one. After hearing about that, my funk got deeper haha. I think I keep doing design because it’s what I know.

I signed up for the PPSC and hoping to get insights on what I actually do enjoy which I could turn into a career.

I appreciate the help!