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Kristen W

Hi Jordy! I love hearing how much you’ve learned about yourself through this course! You’re clearly a self-motivated person who loves to learn, feel challenged, and try new things. That’s awesome, and it makes sense that you’re primarily a Side Hustler (with some Firestarter mixed in).

Isn’t it such a relief to realize that there’s nothing wrong with you for getting bored by certain jobs after just a few months … you’re just a Side Hustler who really values variety! Nothing at all wrong with that — so many people can relate. I’m glad you haven’t been trying to force yourself to keeping working at places that don’t motivate or challenge you because that will just lead to burnout. Instead, you’re following your intuition and giving yourself permission to follow your Side Hustler nature. That’s awesome.

To answer your question: Yes, it’s definitely normal for you, as a Side Hustler, to feel like a lot of traditional jobs won’t satisfy you. You’re always going to feel the MOST novelty at the beginning of any job, because everything is brand new and you’re learning it for the first time. But that doesn’t mean all jobs will become boring once the novelty wears off. The key is to look for jobs where each day doesn’t look the same, and where learning and personal growth are built-in to the job. First, ask yourself what variety/novelty means to you. Does it mean learning something new all the time? Or meeting new people regularly? Or being in a different physical environment? Or solving new/different problems all the time? Or does it mean something else? Then you’ll have a better idea of what to look for.

Hope that helps! I’m so happy that this course has been so helpful to you already. You’re right — you’re SO ready for the journey ahead. 🙂