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Jordy D

Hi! My name is Jordy from Belgium, I am 22 years old, just graduated a year ago, and I am a side hustler (and also a part of Firestarter). I discoverd PPSC yesterday (wich I am really happy that I did) because I was thinking all the time about passion, life and work and I felt that things needed to be different but I couldn’t change that because I didn’t knew MYSELF!

I never understood myself, because I worked 6 months as a security guard and then right after that 8 months as a supervisor in a clothing store, wich was both good paid. A lot of people were telling me, that I should stay because of a good pay check at the end of the month. But for me, that was not the reason why I should keep working there, when my intuition is telling me something else.

After the course, I understood that I am indeed a person, who values a lot about passion, freedom, novelty, independence and most important variaty! On this moment, I am not working right now, because most job offers that I get, would give me the same feeling as my previous jobs and that’s what I want to eliminate.
I do play poker for few years as a passion because that gives me a lot of the values that I am looking for and I want to make it a great profitable passion. ( I just love playing poker and it’s done before by other people so that motivates me.)
I do have other ideas to work out but ofcourse, doubts come to my mind like: do I have enough experience for that or will that idea actually work?

Question: is it normal as a side hustler to feel like a lot of jobs won’t satisfy me? Because in the beginning of a job, everything is new, you feel the variaty and novelty but after months of doing it, the learning stops because you know how everything works and then it gets easily bored!

Thank you for your time!
This will be one big journey and I feel, that I am ready for it!

Kind regards