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Kristen W

Hi Lynne,

It’s totally understandable that you’re frustrated by feeling stuck in your career, and it’s causing you to feel discontent and a bit lost. The great news is that you’re clearly willing to do something about it — that’s why you’re here! Signing up for a program like this that’s meant to help you get clear on your career direction is one major step toward feeling more empowered and purposeful, so congrats on taking the leap. 🙂 The further you get in the program, the more direction, self-awareness, and clarity you’ll get.

It’s totally normal that 6 months ago you got a different Passion Profile result when you took the quiz, but that you feel much more strongly about the result you got recently. I’ve found that, the more self-aware you become, the more accurate these kinds of quizzes/assessments become, so I’d say the Passion Profiles that resonates with you now are more true for you than what you believed before.

Thanks for introducing yourself, and keep us updated on your progress!