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Lynne B

G’day Kristen and Rachel!

I am so glad I finally decided to delve further into what Clarity on Fire is all about. I am so stuck on which way to head in regards to my career and it’s starting to really get me down. I’m early 40’s, in between jobs and desperate to finally find the perfect career path for me. I’m so over this floating around and discontentment.
I was compelled to click on one of your emails the other day and take the ‘quiz’! I am a Thriver (with a dash of Tribe Member). I then realised that I had actually taken the quiz 6 months prior and result was ‘Side Hustler’, but on reading the profile on this again and progressing through the PPSC, only some of the Side Hustler values resonated with me. Whereas, the Thriver profile seemed to be written just for me! I’m nearing the end of the course and enjoying the journey.
Thank you.