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Rachel E

Hey Nikki!

Really great question. I would definitely agree that one facet of competence is fully understanding the role and responsibilities, to eliminate as much pressure and confusion as possible! Beyond that, I think competence also means that Thrivers, in particular, can have a lower bar (in the best way) for how good they need to feel at their job. If they feel decently good at it (competent, in other words), they’re usually fine! Whereas a Firestarter, for example, usually wants to feel like THE BEST at what they do–a true thought leader or expert, perhaps. Because work isn’t usually where Thrivers experience true passion, it makes sense that their bar is lower. They may, however, have that same desire for excellence and mastery in something they’re passionate about! As long as mastering that thing is fun and low pressure, and not tied to how they provide for themselves. Does that help? 🙂