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Rachel E

Hi Tamara,

First of all, kudos for running your own business for 15 years! That’s a HUGE achievement, especially when you’ve been shouldering the weight of not feeling lit up for a while. It’s totally natural that you’d be craving a change!

It sounds like, now that you’re very clear on how you want to work, you’re ready to more specifically drill down on what you want to be doing.

The best step you can take on that front is to start following your curiosity. A lot of us think that we need to think it all out ahead of time; have a clear idea of what we should do before we do it. But most clarity comes from exploring and experimenting and taking action, not thinking. I bet there’s something, if not more than one thing, that you’re curious about right now. Even just mildly curious about! When you give yourself permission to explore that, you’ll be surprised where you might end up; how looking into one thing turns you in the direction of something totally unexpected.

We’ve got some content that would help you with that! The first is about exactly what you’ve asked about! And the others are more about mindset and opening up your intuition to receive nudges/guidance about your next steps. 🙂

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