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Hi Kristen and Rachel!
So lovely to connect! I’ve been working through the Passion Profile Short Course, and my situation is a little different from most. I’m a Firestarter and my secondary profile is a Side Hustler. I’ve been running my own PR business for about 15 years, and being a Firestarter, I love the autonomy, the freedom and the total control over my finances, hours, etc. I cannot ever imagine going back to work for someone else. So, my business ticks many boxes.

However, the big box it does not tick is passion (which is the No 1 value I’m seeing in my life).

I basically went into PR because I enjoyed writing and my parents thought it would be a good career. It wasn’t something I truly wanted to do, but it happened. I worked at a number of PR agencies, left those because I could not take it anymore, and before I knew it, I had clients reaching out to me to do their PR. So,I set up a business and fast forward 15 years later.

I haven’t been happy for a LONG time, PR no longer lights me up (did it ever?), but I honestly don’t know where to turn. I want to keep running my own business, and am open to going back to study part-time to pursue something new, but how do I know what my passion is, and what I should be pursuing? I’ve been unhappy for a long time, but it’s this lack of clarity around next steps that keeps me trapped!

Any advice you could provide would be so amazing.


Tamara x