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Hi Rachel!

Thanks so much! For sure, this was a reminder that the ’empty’ times are just as important as the ‘productive’ ones. Like a fire that needs space in between the logs for more oxygen, so it can burn brighter.

Ah, so true about the both/and thinking. I guess part of it is also that the nuanced option is like colouring outside the lines and seems less safe because it’s less known, as well as (as you said) more work because you’re not just following the path that’s already there.

I love that too about deciding to have both. It’s felt weirdly radical but freeing to acknowledge different parts of me and even just want to learnt to accept and honour them all instead of judging/suppressing/trying to be anything I’m not. It reminds me of something you mention at the start of the PPSC, that ultimately this is about giving yourself permission, and I’m glad through this course I’ve had a glimpse of a different way of thinking– and now see how for years I’ve tried to mould myself/allow what others think of as the right path to infuence my judgement and actions and even how I value myself. But really looking back over the years I’m reminded how capable I am and how much I can achieve when I trust my instincts and initiative, even when others haven’t been able to see it. So, thank you for helping me be reminded of that!