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Kristen W

Hi Annabelle,

Glad it was helpful! 🙂 And yes, it’s very normal for your Passion Profile combo to ebb and flow a bit in different phases of your life. So it makes total sense that your Tribe Member side is extra prominent right now, since it’s been craving connection and collaboration since the pandemic.

And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, that’s totally OK and normal! We gave you a LOT to process in this course, and it clearly sparked lots of ideas for you (which I love to hear!). It’s no wonder your brain is spinning with all of this new insight! Here are a few things to keep in mind, which will hopefully relieve a bit of the overwhelm:

– You can go back through this course as many times as you need to, so if there are certain sections that you want to spend more time on (like the limiting beliefs, for example), you can revisit it whenever and however often you want.

– If the first action step you identified still feels out of reach, see if you can break it down even more. For example, instead of making your first step “get an accountability partner,” start smaller with something like “make a list of personality traits I’d like in an accountability partner.” Overwhelm is usually a sign that you’re trying to bite off more than you can chew, so you can take smaller bites! 🙂

– Remind yourself as many times as you need to that you do NOT need to have all the answers right now. Having a few ideas of things that feel exciting is a perfect place to be right now, and you may need to learn more or take a few small action steps in order to determine if an idea is right or not. Clarity comes from action, not thought!

– If you continue to feel stuck about how to implement all of the things you’ve learned in this course, that’s what 1-on-1 coaching is here for. Courses are a great way to learn a ton about certain topics and about yourself, but they’re DIY by nature, so there’s no one to hold you accountable for taking action and implementing — that’s why individual coaching is so powerful, because you have someone helping you get clear on what you want, figure out the next steps, overcome any limiting beliefs or roadblocks, and holding you accountable the whole way. Just something to consider, if that would be helpful!