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Hi Kristen,

Sorry for my delayed reply, I really appreciated yours! I also just scrolled through the rest of this thread and one of the things that struck me was about profiles ebbing and flowing depending on where your life is at- and it really helped explain why during/after years of a pandemic and a lot of isolation I am so clear that I’m lacking/need connection and community in a way that years ago was easier to put off for variety/novelty/independence. So your feedback did help me trust more of my traits/profile alignments as I’ve had chronic second guessing tendencies!

I also think I’m a bit overwhelmed having nearly completed the course with lots of great ideas and a few glimpses of big shifts in my limiting beliefs and self judgements- all worthwhile and I want to keep trusting the process- but I can feel myself getting caught up in the ‘having to figure it all out’ mentality and overwhelm at all my ideas of next steps I might take- none of which seem to lead to a clear unfolding at this point. I guess I’m wondering if you have any advice for folks who maybe need more time to digest all this good stuff from the course, more time to break down/shift limiting beliefs and storylines, but not stagnate/get stuck in the reflection piece?
Even my (seemingly simple) first next step idea/plan to get an accountability partner seems kind of out of reach. It’s all (even my other ideas for next steps, and juggling other big picture life goals) feeling like a lot!
Thanks 🙂