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Kristen W

Hi Annabelle,

I’m glad you’re feeling clear on your Primary Profile, since that will have the biggest impact on how you define/identify the right working environment for you. And just because you’ve struggled to find/sustain the level of connection you crave doesn’t make you a paradoxical Tribe Member at all! If anything, it reinforces how important that is to you and just shows that you haven’t found the right kinds of supportive environments in the past.

As for your Secondary Profile… from everything you mentioned, my strong hunch is that you’re a Secondary Side Hustler. A lot of how you described yourself lines up with the Side Hustler profile (not to mention the fact that you’ve gotten that result in the past when you took the quiz!). And the parts of the Firestarter profile you mentioned being most attracted to are not exclusive to Firestarters — they’re the qualities that tend to overlap with Side Hustlers, and even Tribe Members to an extent. You sound like a Primary Tribe Member, Secondary Side Hustler to me! 🙂

Hope that helps!