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Kristen W

Hi Charisse!

I used to have some of those restless “help me Google!” moments back in my old job, so I totally get it! Glad the old Google-box led you to us. 😉

Great question about figuring out your Secondary Profile, and I definitely can see why you’re feeling a bit stuck with this. It would obviously help if I could talk through this with you in more depth in something like 1-on-1 coaching, but just based on what you wrote, here are my thoughts:

— Tribe Member: I agree that you sound like a primary Tribe Member … but one that’s gotten burnt out (and maybe a bit jaded) by rigid, hierarchical structures and negative team environments. Those things are hard for anyone, but for Tribe Members, they’re downright devastating. I don’t think you’ve actually lost your Tribe Member sparkle — I think it’s just been dulled from environments that haven’t inspired you.

— Firestarter: I also agree that you do seem to have an independent streak and a rebelliousness when it comes to working within “the system” (hierarchy, rigid schedules, lack of autonomy, etc.). So my hunch is that you might be a Firestarter secondarily. Keep in mind that not all Firestarters need (or want) to start their own business. You might like something more along the lines of “intrapreneurship” — as in, creating or leading a team/project/initiative within a bigger company. That way, you get lots more autonomy and control, without the external pressures of running the whole business. It will also be important for you to work someplace where they put a lot of trust in their employees to work on their own schedule and in a way that makes sense to them — micromanaging is going to drive you up a wall!

— Side Hustler: I think your many interests and ideas might just be coming from the visionary part of your Secondary Firestarter. Being super curious and a natural idea-generator are traits that Firestarters and Side Hustlers often share. But the way that you described yourself, I don’t necessarily think this equates to you being a true Side Hustler.

— Thriver: From everything you said, I truly don’t think you’re a Thriver. I think you might just be ACTING like a Thriver at the moment because you’re burnt out and disenchanted with your work, so you’re not as engaged as you would like to be, which is normal. I have a feeling that, if you were in the right work environment–with awesome, supportive, inspiring people, a mission you felt deeply connected to, and freedom to be creative and autonomous–your motivation and enthusiasm would come back in a big way.

Now, please don’t just take my word about this! Check in with yourself to see how much of this rings true. And if you disagree with any part of it, use that as a way of getting curious about what’s actually true instead.

Hopefully this helps! 🙂