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Hi Kristen and Rachel!

Really glad to have found Clarity on Fire/PPSC, after literally googling “what do i love to do?” one (sadly typical) restless, existentialist afternoon at work. Thanks for all the work you’re putting out there!

I am having trouble identifying my secondary profile because I relate to all 3 others and would love some insight on how to untangle it. I understand the overlapping idea, but would love some insight into my personal processing.

So it makes sense to me that my primary is Tribemember, because passion and mission has always been my bottom line with my career. The people-oriented, team-focused traits are also what got me where I am today in the non-profit sector and the sorts of qualities I would lead with in interviews when I was young, sparkly-eyed and fresh. However, today I think I am a tribe member that has been burnt out by busywork in the hierarchical system of my company and currently, in a negative team environment especially.

In fact, it is hard for me to read the Tribemember profile and still identify with being collaborative and valuing connection, and I find independence much more appealing. Even though my company has an amazing mission/mandate, I have always felt uncomfortable with the hierarchical structure and feel internally rebellious towards its rigidity and the lack of autonomy. So Firestarter right?

Hmm, I’m just not sure about the intensity of this profile and don’t yet have a vision for running a business. I think this could indicate that I am secondarily a Sidehustler. I like variety, get easily bored with routine, and my problem over the years has been my lack of focus or resolve in one area of work. With my personal hobbies, I’m guilty of starting a lot of things without continuing or finishing. BUT I don’t see myself as a self-starter or energizer bunny. When left to my own devices, I have not made a practice of being “meaningfully occupied”. I procrastinate like it’s my job and can be downright idle with my time.

So does this make me more like a Thriver? In my current job, I obviously can’t wait to clock out at 5PM every day. I also wonder whether I would actually enjoy turning hobbies into paid work because of the element of pressure. But of course, wouldn’t know unless I tried!

Thanks for reading my stream-of-consciousness asking of the experts. Meanwhile, I’ll continue soul-searching 🙂