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Kristen W

Hi Grace! So glad you enjoyed the course! 🙂

From what you wrote, it’s clear that you’re a very self-aware person, and the PPSC helped you validate things you had started to suspect about yourself. Very cool! Also, I definitely agree that you sound like a pretty balanced Thriver-Side Hustler combo, so I think you’re spot on with that.

I think you were starting to answer your own question, but I’ll confirm your suspicion: Yes, it’s totally normal for the balance of your two Profiles to ebb and flow over time, as you go through different phases of life. This might not be as true for someone with, say, a 90/10 breakdown of their two profiles, but if you feel like you’re pretty balanced between Thriver & Side Hustler, then they’re more likely to alternate between which one is prominent at any given time. You’re always going to have both sets of values to some extent, but as the priorities in your life change, so will the balance of your Profiles. Which just means it’ll be extra important for you to keep checking in with yourself periodically to recalibrate as necessary!

As far as book recommendations/resources go for Thriver-Side Hustlers … let me sit with that for a while to see if anything in particular comes to mind. Also, I’m sure lots of people would love to have a list of books/resources specific to their Profile(s), so that might be something Rachel and I need to create! So I appreciate you asking the question because now you’ve got the wheels in my head turning. 😉 I’ll get back to you on that!