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Hi Rachel and Kristen! First, thank you so much for putting together such a great resource to stimulate reflection and provide clarity to so many.

I have some thoughts with a couple questions mixed in.

So for the quiz results, I was designated a THRIVER. I agreed with a lot of it but didn’t fully identify 100% with it. I just finished the SIDE HUSTLER deep dive and the Secondary Profile video and realized that I am also a SIDE HUSTLER– when Rachel described her brother and the stable job he’s in while also photographing and traveling the world, I was instantly jealous. So it was reassuring to me to hear him mentioned again in the Secondary Profile video, identified as a THRIVER-SIDE HUSTLER! 🙂

So I think I already know the answer to this question but wanted to ask the experts– is it possible for those of us who do have two profiles, that the primacy of the profiles can change depending on the phase of life we’re in? In other words, that the “balance” of those two profiles can change/ebb and flow throughout life? My self assessment is that I am relatively equal parts THRIVER and SIDE HUSTLER. I am currently more of a THRIVER because I’m in my 30s and at a point in life where I am leaving a career that has been global, exciting but unstable, in order to search for a career that is more stable and allows me to focus on growing getting married, having a family and investing more into my personal relationships. In my 20s, I believe SIDE HUSTLER was more my primary profile but in my current phase of life, I identify more with THRIVER… though I surmise I’ll keep the ‘variety’ alive in my life through social endeavors outside of work. However, I could also see myself shifting primacy back to the SIDE HUSTLER profile later on in life once I’m beyond raising a family. Thoughts? I actually took the Passion Profile Quiz twice, trying to conjure back to the perspective and priorities I had in my 20s and did actually get SIDE HUSTLER– this was even before I listened to the video on that profile so it is awesome that all of this is coming together and making a lot of sense!

My second question is whether you have any book/resource recommendations for us THRIVER-SIDE HUSTLERs?

Thanks again for your passions into helping all of us who feel a little lost right now 🙂