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Rachel E

Hey Samantha!

Good question! I think there could be some truth to the notion that we attract people like ourselves, and we naturally cluster in groups of likeminded people. And I can also see how partners could benefit from balance in their relationship, so that it’s beneficial to have two people with seemingly opposite profiles. But that said, I’ve met plenty of people who have partners with the same profile as them, and with friends who have different profiles. I think when you sample enough people, you get pretty much every combination you can think of among friends and partners, so I don’t think it’s totally possible to draw any concrete conclusions!

And as for a book, it’s one of those things that we will probably do eventually, but just haven’t gotten around to yet. We’ve been producing a lot of other things over the past few years — courses, and then a podcast — that there was never quite enough time or energy for something as monumental as a book. But I think when we both feel it’s the right time, we’ll probably give it a go!