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Hi Rachel and Kristen!

This is more of a comment/general thoughts on the Passion Profile philosophy that I was interested on getting your thoughts on:

Ever since I did the Passion Profile quiz and short course (I’m a true and true Thriver), I have shared the quiz far and wide to as many friends as I can – so far no one has gotten a result they think is completely wrong for them.

Interestingly, I’m finding all of my friends are Thrivers or Tribe Members (the two profiles that I believe cross over the most, then Fire Starter/Side Hustler cross over the most again).

But even more interestingly – my partner is a Side Hustler, so quite opposite to myself. One of my friends Karien who is also a Thriver, got the guy she’s dating to do the quiz and he got Side Hustler. She says that’s definitely him – for example he’s developing a product on the side of his regular job, and has spent $50k developing it. For a Thriver like her, the thought of spending $50k on a side project makes her feel nauseous! 🙂

My question is – do you think that we are generally attracted to people who are similar to us in friendship, but seek the opposite in relationships? Is it a matter of Yin/Yang and being attracted to different qualities that you are missing within yourself perhaps? But like attracts like for friends?

Second question is – have you ever considered writing a book? I talk to so many people about your Passion Profiles and the theory around combining your values around time, passion and money with your work, and that’s what makes it so unique. I could just definitely see a ‘The Passion Profile’ book on the shelves one day.